International Shipping |

International Shipping

International orders are accepted.

We use DHL & Aramex as our international Delivery partners.

Customers placing orders from outside India can choose one of the following options:

We have started shipping in below countries:

1.  Sri Lanka
2.  Malaysia
3.  Qatar
4.  Singapore
5.  Australia
6.  United Kingdom
7.  South Africa
8.  Philippines
9.  Mauritius
10. Italy
11. Netherlands
12. Spain
13. France
14. Canada
15. Mexico
16. United States of America****
17. New Zealand
18. Colombia
19. Peru
20. Turkey
21. Greece
22. Poland
23. Norway
24. Bulgaria
25. Serbia
26. Russia
27. Portugal
28. Ireland
29. Sweden
30. Austria


Payment Mode

Payment Currency

Shipping Cost

In India

Online/Cash on Delivery



In India

PayPal/Online(only USD)***

Other than INR


Outside India **

PayPal/Online(only USD)***




** Cash on delivery is not applicable to international orders.

*** Now international customers can pay using online payment methodm but only USD currency is allowed. FOr other currencies kindly use Paypal as payment method.

****DHL Shipping charges to USA starts with Rs 750 for first 500grams.

In case of any other issue feel free to contact us on